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I’m a geek that loves to drink coffee everyday. Sometimes I feel that it is like a drug, I need it to start my day. I love the way it smells. But I will be the first to tell you that I’m not an expert when it comes to coffee. When I was younger all I drank was instant coffee. I thought that was good coffee. I guess I can thank my parents for that. They brought me up on Folgers. Then I moved on to Starbucks and thought that was the best coffee in the world. But now I have seen the light. I discovered great coffee shops. And eventually I started brewing my own coffee. I love that I have full control when it comes to my coffee.

So I decided to look at coffee subscription services. (Funny, I found out that subscription services actually existed this year. Where have I been?) I have a full time job and sometimes it’s very hard to go to the coffee shops and buy beans. I found many services but the LA Coffee Club caught my eye. They work with many different roasters from Los Angeles, plus I’m a Los Angeles resident myself. So I thought I would try them out, and in the process try out different roasters.

Los Angeles Coffee Club


The LA Coffee Club will ship you a 12oz bag of fresh coffee depending on the frequency that you chose. And I really like this service because it is a great way to try coffee from different places without having to drive to their location. The beans that they send out are always fresh. I’m also amaze with their shipping. According to the email I received, they roasted the beans on March 11. I received my bag of beans on March 12. That is fast shipping, but of course I live in Los Angeles. I also love that they throw in some extra goodies into my box.

LA Coffee Club goodies


For this shipment, they sent New Frontier Coffee beans. They are located in Culver City. The beans are Antigua Guatemalan. Personally, I have never heard from New Frontier Coffee. If it not been for the LA Coffee Club, I would have never had the pleasure to try out their beans. Looking at their website it appears that they are only coffee roasters, and don’t have a coffee shop.

New Frontier Coffee Bag


To brew my New Frontier Coffee beans I used my Chemex. I believe these beans are strictly hard beans, meaning that they mature more slowly and grow to be harder. This makes these beans more desirable and more expensive. So after having my first cup of coffee, it had a smoky flavor to it. It was a well-balanced coffee. Overall, it was a good cup of coffee. I do hope that in the future the LA Coffee club will use them again.

New Frontier coffee beans




For now, I do recommend the LA Coffee Club. I’m sure there are cheaper places to get beans, but at the moment it is convenient for me. It’s a great way for me to try new roasters.

Check out this cool map with many coffee shops and roasters in Los Angeles. Maybe one day I will check them all out.


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